Finland’s biggest summer holiday, Midsummer, is almost here! Get ready to celebrate the longest day of the year by reading how our Finnish founders describe their favorite holiday.


Mikael, what’s your greatest midsummer memory?

We were spending the midsummer at our old family lake house with a bunch of my friends a few years back. Our most important mission for the da

y was to heat up the traditional midsummer smoke sauna. The process takes about 12 hours so we started with that the first thing in the morning. The result was the best sauna I can remember, perfectly coupled with an ice cold long drink…

Here’s a video of a Sauna-Finn, Markku, explaining how to heat up the most traditional Finnish sauna, SAVUSAUNA (Smoke sauna).


Sakari, how do you celebrate midsummer?

My favourite way of celebrating midsummeris is at our country place in Southern Finland with family and friends. Every year we do the same things in the same order:

1pm: raise the Finnish flag and kippis!

2pm: Selection of fish dishes for lunch

3pm: Traditional Finnish outdoor games

5pm: sauna & swimming in the sea

8pm: dinner – BBQ and hanging out

Midnight: Enjoy the midnight sun

Ere, how have you celebrated midsummer in the US?

Luckily with our apartment full of Long Drinks I always have a part of Finland with me. The other parts are a bit more tricky, but a few easy things to do are:

BBQ – Sausage and home made mustard

Playing mölkky, you can order a mölkky game from Amazon

Find your closest Korean Spa. They always have saunas, it’s not the same as a Finnish sauna, but it’s better than nothing.

sausage and mölkky: