It’s time for the 2nd founder story, this time with Sakke. We’ve learnt that Finnish people like simple things like nature, sauna, ice-hockey and long drink. We asked Sakari where he wants to be interviewed, and of all the places he picked Nuuksio in Southern Finland. So here we are, sitting on a rock in a forest.


Let’s start off with a short intro. Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m Sakari, 27 year young gentleman from Espoo, Finland, currently working as a long drink missionary in the USA preaching people about the miracle of long drink.


So, the theme today is nature. What’s your favorite outdoor thing to do?

After walking in the nature for a few hours, barbecuing sausage on the fire and drinking a hot cup of coffee!

Sounds cool. So why did you bring us to Nuuksio again?

Being raised in Espoo, Finland, this is to me the best natural park. My most memorable time here was during class in high school when a group of about 30 teens bicycled 10 miles to come spend a night here in the woods. I had brought my old “childhood” tent from our family’s country place. Setting the tent up, we noticed it was a summer tent, only capable of holding out mosquitos but not weather. Naturally we got a nice fall storm during the night, and the tent couldn’t handle it. In the morning we were both sick. Fun trip nevertheless! Readers, always check your gear beforehand.  

Thanks for the tip! OK, a bit off the topic, but what is your role in The Long Drink Company?

Like Ere mentioned before, as a small team we all get to wear all the hats which is pretty cool in my opinion. While having my spoons in all the soups, I’ve been concentrating more on sales and product development. Not to reveal anything, but there are some cool stuff on the pipeline!



OK, back to the topic. What does the Long Drink Company team bring with when going hiking?

Easy. The list includes things like: Trangia, fishing rod, tar soap, sauna hats and of course long drinks. The hiking route is planned so that there are a few public saunas on the way. The 2nd day would usually include a stop at a grocery store, as we failed to catch any fish and admit our defeat. During sauna we then cook and enjoy the sausages we bought. The lengths of the hikes vary, but you can easily spend a week or so repeating the above steps!


What is your favorite long drink moment in the nature?

There are many, but the top10 list definitely includes times enjoying some long drinks on the porch of a sauna next to a lake or sea. In the summer I like to go boating, nothing beats an ice cold lonkero while enjoying a nice summer day at the sea.


You currently live in NYC. What’s the best place to hike there?

I spend many hours a day walking around the city meeting bartenders and liquor store managers. Urban hiking at it’s best!