Hello again!

A while ago we started receiving direct messaged on Instagram from a group of fun guys and girls who were having a good time every weekend in one of our favourite bars, Donnybrook NYC! They had found Long Drink and immediately started working as “volunteer brand ambassadors” for Long Drink. We thought this was so cool that we decided to do a little interview with them!

What was you first reaction to the Long Drink?

The first reaction was: “Woah… I have never tasted anything like this! Felt like a refreshing mix between an alcoholic Fresca mixed with a summer shandy, topped with a hint of gin and grapefruit.”

How did you guys hear about Long Drink?

The bartender at our local bar, Donnybrook, gave the girl I was on a first date with and I a free Long Drink to taste and the rest is history. Now all of our friends drink them.


We hope you guys have already figured out that Long Drink is a traditional product in Finland. What else do you now about Finland?

We know it is a Nordic country. There are more saunas than cars, attractive people, Northern lights, Santa lives there, and they created the best damn drink known to a man!

How would you describe the perfect Long Drink moment?

On a boat on a nice late September day with our best friends OR on a chairlift going up a mountain in the alps with our buddies going skiing. Any season works!

On behalf of the whole Long Drink team: Thank you for the awesome interview and support to all the amazing people at Donnybrook!!