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Friends of Long Drink at Donnybrook NYC

Hello again! A while ago we started receiving direct messaged on Instagram from a group of fun guys and girls who were having a good time every weekend in one of our favourite bars, Donnybrook NYC! They had found Long Drink and immediately started working…

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Finnish Traditions: Crayfish parties

Last week our Finnish founders celebrated their first American Thanksgiving and cooked their first turkey. In the middle of all these American traditions we decided it is time to share a Finnish tradition with our American friends.   Crayfish Party Crayfish party (In Finnish: Rapujuhla)…

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Founder stories (Vol 1)

Hello everyone! We are excited to give you the first blog post by The Long Drink Company! We are aiming to make it a monthly goal to write a couple of short blog posts to share what’s happening behind the scenes, strange things about Finnish…